Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gender and Communication

There is a part of me that already feels biased in this class because I have taken so many courses on gender studies. But I love it and I am excited to mixing my two favorite subjects into one class. I felt that the introduction was what appears to be an honest representation of what the book is about. I feel that she was fair in explaining who she is and how that may or may not shape her perspective and our perspectives on the book. One thing that I enjoy thoroughly about being a feminist is that it is subjective. Different people have a different meaning of what being a feminist is and I like the diversity and dynamics that, that brings. For example, I choose to identify myself as a female outwardly, I like to wear lots of make-up, I like to do my hair and I love high heels and things that are considered "girly." I love it! I love that I have the power to decide how much, what color, what brand, what day, to wear the things that I do and feel that it is a part of me choosing to identify myself as female that I have the luxury of doing so. I have a sister who also identifies as a feminist who refuses to wear make-up because she believes it is part of the patriarchal system that our society expects women to change their appearances whereas men are not expected to. We believe very different things when it comes to this issue, overall we agree on several issues regarding the equality of women/men.


  1. I think the idea of being a feminist is so great. I probably fall right in the middle of you and your sister. I am T-shirt and Jeans girl on a day to day basis but I think it's fun going all out on the weekends. I never thought of myself as a feminist before this class but the more I learn the better it is. I'm trying to spread the word to my friends but they are all pretty resistant against the word. I loved in the video today when they said "it's about having the information and getting the options, it doesn't matter what decision you make it's about having the ability to decide".
    PS on the Hot Chocolate, I'm right with you. Do you have a CocoaMotion? It's the greatest and worst invention

  2. Sara,
    Since coming to college I have seemed to find more and more reasons not to wear makeup ie. no sleep, no time, don't care haha but I completely understand. I also LOVED that quote because I feel like that really does encompass who/what feminists are. I used to have one of those at home but then my Dad threw it away (talk about a bad day!!!) I should probably invest in one sometime, although maybe not considering how much more hot chocolate I would consume!