Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Communication and Gender

One thing that I have found super interesting is how weight loss is communicated to women and men on the TV. Seriously, for the last two days I have done nothing but blow my nose and watch countless episodes of re-runs and multiple commercials from Weight-Watchers, Jenny Craig, etc. One company especially has caught my attention because of their specific targeting methods. For Women, Weight Watchers shows Jennifer Hudson, singing, dancing, talking etc along with other women who have been successful using their product. They also have a commercial especially for men with Charles Barkley with their slogan "Lose Like A Man." Isn't it interesting that losing weight has to be categorized by gender? Why would losing weight be more like a man or more like a woman? Why is there a more "feminine" or "masculine" way to lose weight? And apparently men who are overweight don't watch as much TV because the advertisement from Weight Watchers for women airs about ten times more than for men. I'm not saying that is actually true but I do think it is interesting how much more it is catered to women to look a certain way and to lose weight.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The reading and our discussion today made me think of who we are as people and what makes us the way we are. I feel that 100% women and men are both capable and should be able to be in whatever job they prefer. On that same note it makes me wonder why I wouldn't want to be in the military or a similar position that most say women are not able to do. There is a part of me that really thinks one of the only reasons is because I was socialized from a young age that girl's do certain things and even though I don't agree with that, I know I still follow that sometimes. It is often easy to stand up for something but it is a whole other thing to actually act upon it. The movie for example made me think of how that women identified herself as a feminist teenager, but then when she grew up she hadn't thought about it for years and how she was reflecting on that. I don't want to believe in something strongly and then forget about it for thirty years. Sometimes I feel that I have to find a balance between my ideal life and my real life in being a feminist but also not letting that hold me back from other things that I also want like having a family or loving girly things. I really believe that there is a balance.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

About Me

Ok so reading everyone else's blogs I noticed that MOST everyone introduced themselves. I probably should do that also so I am going to, My Name is Megan Bongiovi (pronounced Bon Jovi, no i'm not kidding, yes it's a real name and yes, Jon Bongiovi DOES spell his name this way also and changed it for the band name for easier pronunciation, and yes my Husband's-Great-Aunt does think we are related) For the record my maiden name, (by the way maiden name? seriously think of all of the connotations that go along with that phrase)was Keller. And yes I've been told i'm also distantly related to Helen. I am from Boise Idaho, moved there when I was 2 and it has been my home ever since. I love and miss it but I doubt I will ever move back. I am married and honestly I will talk about it a lot, in class when I contribute as well as on this blog. I can't help it my husband is my absolute favorite and I am not one at hiding it. We have known each other for a long time, we had our second grade class together but did not start dating until we were seniors in high school. We were married here in Logan on August 5, 2010, both at the ripe age of 19, it's been an exciting adventure to say the least. We have one baby and his name is Dutch Button Bongiovi. He is a miniature mastiff and is now full grown and probably the best dog in the universe. (I may or may not be biased on that)
I am currently a junior at Utah State studying Communication Studies with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. I am also an Ambassador for the university and really enjoy it. I am really excited about this course and for all of the different people that we have in our class! So many wonderful insights and different experiences will make for such an interesting course. I love to laugh and be a little crazy and love to make new friends. I am excited to get to know everyone through this course and to learn from each other. As for now that is probably a good introduction of myself but if you would like to get to know me more feel free to talk to me, leave comments or stalk me on my personal blog at insosomuchlove.blogspot.com

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gender and Communication

There is a part of me that already feels biased in this class because I have taken so many courses on gender studies. But I love it and I am excited to mixing my two favorite subjects into one class. I felt that the introduction was what appears to be an honest representation of what the book is about. I feel that she was fair in explaining who she is and how that may or may not shape her perspective and our perspectives on the book. One thing that I enjoy thoroughly about being a feminist is that it is subjective. Different people have a different meaning of what being a feminist is and I like the diversity and dynamics that, that brings. For example, I choose to identify myself as a female outwardly, I like to wear lots of make-up, I like to do my hair and I love high heels and things that are considered "girly." I love it! I love that I have the power to decide how much, what color, what brand, what day, to wear the things that I do and feel that it is a part of me choosing to identify myself as female that I have the luxury of doing so. I have a sister who also identifies as a feminist who refuses to wear make-up because she believes it is part of the patriarchal system that our society expects women to change their appearances whereas men are not expected to. We believe very different things when it comes to this issue, overall we agree on several issues regarding the equality of women/men.